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A Pickle Milkmaid [Extraction, Depickling] : Transformation, Preservation, Production (2018)

Atsara remembers a time of early youth when she learned about farm animals. She studied them at school, and as a class they frequented the farm to learn hands on tasks. Though, as often happens, there was once a day missed at the farm. That day, all of the other children were given the chance to milk a cow, but young Atsara was sick at home. Apparently there had been something going around the class.


Returning to school the following week, to her delight and surprise her teacher had planned for absent students for the farm field trip, and outside the classroom in the courtyard was a milking station for all of the students to experience the process they had missed at the farm. Unfortunately there was not a living cow present in the courtyard that day, but instead a wooden saw horse with a water filled glove dangling from its center, five holes poked in each finger, and a bucket sitting just beneath. The children took turns mimicking the motions of milking with this cyborgian cow.

To this day, Atsara holds onto this memory as she milks then churns the juices of five pickles as she partakes in the production of a sweet and tasty treat for all of her friends to share.


(Click to play video)

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