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Save Tompkins (2019)

Plywood, concrete, astroturf, spray paint, steel, screws, casters, cabinet handle

A moveable skateable created for the Save Tompkins rally in September of 2019, an event organized to save the asphalt at Tompkins Square Park from being covered with astroturf.


Tompkins Square Park (aka TF) has been around and recognized as a skate spot and gathering space for generations, and as soon as the city declared its intent to cover the ground with turf, the NYC skate community came together and petitioned against the city to save the asphalt and preserve this historic space. In solidarity I built this sculpture and brought it to the rally to help advocate for this cause. Shortly before the rally it was announced that due to the petition and efforts the space would no longer be covered and will remain as is. The rally quickly became a celebration of this victory.

sean pic
post event
before event

For more documentation and coverage of this event see the post on popular skateboarding website Quartersnacks: 

Save Tompkins Recap Edit - 2019

Shot on a SonyVX1000

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