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Entrance of the Gladiators

In 2021 I met a clown while crossing the street in lower Manhattan. I was walking on East Houston where Essex Street becomes Avenue A, and in the middle of the intersection I saw a clown juggling. This clown’s name is Loco Coco. Over the course of a few months we developed a friendship and collaborative relationship that birthed this project. With three cameras, three actors and no budget we shot the film in a single day guided by our outlined script and improvisational skills as performers. I built all of the props and costumes that are showcased in the film, co-directed, produced, starred in, scored, and edited the film. 
The film is titled “Entrance of the Gladiators” which is inspired by the song written by Julius Fučík, most commonly known as the Circus Theme - a motif for the soundtrack of the film, and a play on the relationship between the two lead performers. This is a comedic story of friendship and love that through its humorous lens provides a closer look into the truth of being a performer in New York City and the collaborative possibilities that are held in this diverse place - a story which echoes the origins of the friendships created in the making of the film itself.

This film was shown as a video sculpture at the Wallach Gallery in the form of a video sculpture for the Columbia MFA First Year Exhibition in 2022.

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