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The Ghost of Atsara Plays Guitar : hauntology, vaporwave, and brine. (2017)

Atsara played her first musical performance! All of her friends came to listen, but stayed in the kitchen as she entered the bathroom. Little did they know, the show was about to start! But Atsara didn't mind, she has stage fright. She turned on the shower and began plucking the strings of her guitar, singing to the crowd of beautiful faces outside her door. The music swelled! The sounds got louder! The Cotton Eyed Joe was blasting! She was laughing, but before you knew it the shower dripped its last drop, the toilet flushed, and she was back in the kitchen with the rest of her friends. Clearing her throat she spoke into the pickle microphone: "I am selling some merch, everything is at the low price of $19.95" each CD, and tshirt sopping wet with brine. The faces of Jessica Simpson, and the cast of Rugrats glistening under their salty sheen in harmony with Atsara. Just like her they had changed. Still in their wrapping, their insides still holding their sonic seeds, there was something different, transformed, preserved, produced, pickled, just like Atsara.

pickle sing.png
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