Education and Academic Research 

2022-2014 :: Columbia University School of the Arts : MFA
2015-2019 :: Rhode Island School of Design : Undergraduate BFA

2017 :: Cross Registration at Brown University: Generative Sound Systems
2013 :: Columbia University Pre-college: Drawing 
2012 :: Barnard Pre-College : Music and Cultural Anthropology 
2002-2015 :: Poughkeepsie Day School : Kindergarten - Highschool
2011-2014 :: Independent Research in Developmental Psychology 
From the years 2011-2014 Erica conducted an independent study regarding the cognitive development of young children and its relationship to standardized testing. Documentary of research:

Artist statement

My practice investigates notions of procedure, operations, and how arrival is both a single moment and an unending state of flux. I embrace objects as ephemeral, malleable and individual, and the space they inhabit an essential part of their meaning. The sculptures that I make exist as an artifact of the necessary intervention of the viewer or participant of the work. While I often make sculpture, I am interested in the places where objecthood becomes leaky, and how this betweenness can be profound, while also playful, and even humorous. I am drawn to the places where people and objects cluster and dissipate, transform but still remain. Where the parts are still parts and they are also the whole. Where droplets of rain gather on uneven surfaces to become a puddle, and where the strangers of a train car sit shoulder to shoulder before departing at their stops. Where a handrail becomes a playground slide for a skateboard, and the jar where a cucumber becomes a pickle. Where notes become a song and the quiet is a volume of its own. 

Selected Exhibitions

2021 Boundless Loops

SFA Projects, New York NY


Summer Street Collective, Providence RI

2019  EXIT

Exit Galleries, Boston MA


The Center For Reconciliation, Providence RI

Bye Bye

41 Meeting Street, Providence RI​

Welcome to My Show

Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI​

2018  In the Mood for Love

Gelman Gallery at RISD Museum, Providence RI

Paris Plus Friends ​​​

233 Westminster St, Providence RI

Vista Panoramica ​​​

Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh NY

RISD Sculpture Triennale 

Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI

2017  + Friends Pop Up Shop 

The Wurks, Providence RI

the Jam (Exhibition and Commission) 

Providence RI

Lost & Exhibition 

Gelman Gallery at RISD Museum, Providence RI​


Newburgh, NY

PVD Field Day 

Providence RI

PVD Fest

Providence RI

The Wurks Art Expo 

Providence RI

Teran Studio: Black and White Gala 

Newburgh, NY​​


Rhode Island School of Design Fleet Library, Providence, RI


Newburgh NY

2014  Heal Haiti Benefit Events

Poughkeepsie, NY

2013  Beacon Artist Union National Exhibition: Apocalypse 

Beacon, NY

2012  Garrison Art Center's National Exhibition: PHOTOcentric 

Garrison, NY